So after leaving uni I worked in the corporate world for a while. I even spent a few years overseas in the States, and spent a lot of time travelling for work. There was a lot of great stuff, but what eventually wore me down was the politics. Too many people were trying to get the next promotion rather than focus on what they were meant to be doing. Sound familiar?
I took a chance one day and decided to leave. That was six years ago. I decided to follow some of my passions, rather than just go to work everyday. I’m writing – check out my pages on my books, I take photos – there’s lots of images on this site, and I dabble in a bit of painting every now and then. It’s so much fun indulging in creative behaviour, and the toughest thing is prioritising what to work on next.

Take a look around my site, and have a peak at my blog. Hopefully you see something interesting…

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