Have you seen my dream?

by richard on August 18, 2010

Nikky 199x300 Have you seen my dream?

I had dinner with a friend on Saturday who was back home for a short stint from Myanmar (better known as Burma), where she went to follow love. When she got there, she also found her dream.

As an accomplished graphic designer, singer, dancer, writer, and wine maker, Nicole led a very busy life, and was concerned she wouldn’t have the opportunity to chase her dreams in such a foreign environment, with few connections. She was worried she would lose her identity and her way.

While teaching dance to children in an Orphanage, she met someone from the music industry, who asked her what her dream job would be. “Create a ‘girl band’ of local talent”, was her response. With his encouragement, she set about auditioning about 100 local girls, and settled on 5 who would become the “Tiger Girls” – Myanmar’s answer to the Spice Girls.

“So what?” You might say, Girl (or boy) Bands have been done everywhere. The difference here is the environment. The government and its sensors have very tight controls on what comes into Myanmar, and what can be done. Everything the girls say, do, and wear has to be approved. Western music and culture is virtually unknown. When they first performed ‘live’, the audience were almost silent – they weren’t sure what they were witnessing. For everyone – the performers, the organizers, and the viewers, this was something unique.

Since then the Tiger Girls have developed a big following on facebook, tour shopping centres around Myanmar, and have just released their first album. They have aspirations of taking their act beyond their home country. Not uncommon things in our world, but a big step forward for 5 women in the isolated Myanmar, and of course, for their manager Nicole. She hopes the Tiger Girls can continue to bring the Western World and its possibilities to the women of Myanmar.

Sometimes life puts us in situations where we think our dreams can’t find us. Could be though, it’s just opening up the right doorway. It’s another great example of not losing sight of your dream, no matter what circumstance you find yourself in.

Oh by the way, love’s still blossoming for Nikky!

A great source of inspiration can be found at http://www.dumbofeather.com/, a wonderful read about passionate people.

The Tiger Girls can be found on Face Book. An article about their adventure so far was published in The Age on Saturday, August 14.

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