“The Cure” is Richard’s First Novel.

What would you do if you stumbled upon the cure to one of the world’s deadliest diseases, and you knew someone would do anything to get their hands on it?


Dr Andrew Moore, a prominent virologist, returns to his office in San Francisco after a conference to find a cryptic postcard from his old

college roommate and ex colleague, Roger Northwood. Upon calling his friend’s lab in Cambridge, Andrew learns that Roger has just

been murdered by an intruder he interrupted stealing

research files from the lab.

The postcard suddenly takes on new meaning as Andrew tries to

discover what Roger was trying to tell him. Could it be he found a

solution to the bottlenecks of their original research years ago, and was killed by people intent on stealing the valuable work?

On a journey that takes him around the world and brings him face to face with tycoons that will stop at nothing to get what they want, Andrew races against the clock not only to save the love of his life, but to unlock the secret that could cure the world’s greatest epidemic …


“Of Two Minds” is Richard’s Second Novel.

A device that connects your brain directly to everything cyberspace has to offer – what could possibly go wrong?


John Talbot leads a team of scientists that has developed an ‘interface’ – a micro device that connects the brain directly to a computer and the world beyond, opening up endless commercial possibilities. John arrives at work to news that a key team member has died in a plane crash, just weeks before their exciting technology is demonstrated publicly for the first time. What once had the potential to make the team wealthy beyond belief now threatens the company with bankruptcy.

At the eleventh hour, an offer from the U.S. army to invest in the

technology enables it to proceed to the final trial before

commercialisation, but many question the army’s motives.

Phase one of the trial shows amazing promise, albeit with a few hiccups, but phase two is delayed when another team member – Mac Patterson – seemingly loses his mind and goes missing.

Time becomes the true enemy as John must lead the search to find Mac in order to save his friend’s life and the technology’s potential, risking his own sanity in the process. But what is he missing as he is confronted with one obstacle after another?