Two steps forward, one step back!

by richard on September 30, 2010

holding back 300x238 Two steps forward, one step back!

Sometimes things just hold you back!

When we take on a new challenge, like changing careers, starting our own business, etc, our heads are usually filled with excitement and visions of the future. Sometimes, though, we need to remember that it won’t always be smooth sailing. There will always be setbacks – some minor, and hopefully not many that are major. There will be things that hold us back. It pays to make an allowance somewhere in the back of your mind, for such situations.

As a simple example, I upgraded the software for my website/blog yesterday, only to find that when I did so, it also upgraded one of the plug-ins that generate photo galleries. Of course the new version of this plug-in was not backwardly compatible, so all of my existing galleries wouldn’t work. Suddenly all the things I had planned to do that day were put on hold as I firstly had to diagnose the problem, work out how to fix it, and then actually do the fixing. When something’s new, this all takes learning, and a lot of time. Yes I was frustrated, and yes it took me about 8 hours to fix, but I hope I learned to try and remember sometimes unexpected things happen, and we just have to deal with them. Maybe next time when I feel the frustration again, I’ll recognise that it’s all just part of the process.

One thing I should have done though, was to go out and take the dog for a walk to clear my head and refocus!

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