Tip 9: Read extensively within your genre

by richard on May 30, 2011

book spines 300x100 Tip 9: Read extensively within your genre

This post relates to my blog series on the top ten tips to writing a novel. Visit my archives to see the full list, and other relevant postings.

Well this should be pretty obvious, but sometimes we miss the apparent things. If you have an interest in writing, you no doubt have an interest in reading, and reading broadly. This is a good thing, but make sure you devote a significant amount of time to your own genre. Read the works of some really successful writers – writers that have been around for a long time, writers that have won awards, writers that reflect a style you would like to emulate.

The more of this work you devour, the more it sinks into your subconscious, so when you are on a creative roll, the style pours onto the page without you really having to think about it. Like exercise, you need to keep reading to ensure your mind stays ‘writing fit’ and in tune with your chosen style.

Of course, you should also read other genres too. A contradiction? Not really, great ideas will come from unexpected places, and you don’t want your work to become stale. Personally, I find it a great excuse to be able to call reading ‘work’, especially if you can find a comfy couch by a warm fire, or a deck chair by the beach.

Happy reading.

Richard Jagger formerly worked in the biotechnology industry, and has completed his first novel “The Cure”. Apart from writing his second novel, he works as a professional photographer. He has had two solo photographic exhibitions and one joint painting exhibition. Further information can be found at www.richardjagger.com

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